ESH Solutions Limited

What We Do and Why.

How far Will Your Organisation Grow

We work with businesses and organisations who really want to achieve customer service excellence but at the same time minimise unnecessary expense and waste.

For example you may have a problem meeting targets or have falling sales, or delivering real quality with tight resources and naturally you want to make the most of what you have. Who, nowadays, can afford to tolerate waste or risk annoying your customers, clients or funders by delivering just average customer service?

We believe that to give you the best chance of surviving or growing in today's economic climate you will want to focus your efforts on what really matters rather than fire fighting. For SME that may mean delivering a growing bottom line and for charities that means delivering what your funders want in a way that gets them coming back for more.

What makes us different is that we treat each one of you as if you are our only client, tailoring our service around you. We don't have off the shelf "tool kits" because each one of you is unique and we'd rather develop a longer term relationship with you than leave a package on your desk and walk away.

So, if any of this would be important to you, or you simply would like to learn more, please contact us and we'll be delighted to chat with you.